This one goes out, to you alone.

It took your will, your life, and soul.

We sing this song for you today,

So your memory will never fade.


My world went down, that day with the sun.

But your memory, it will carry on.

I take my life from day to day.

From the advice that you had gave.


Chorus 1

On a day like any other,

walked this road many times before.

Saw the shadows standing at the window,

Saw them waiting at the door.

We will fight, we will fight, we will stand together, 

You'll not take my world today.

Never thought I'd feel so helpless, 

Watch you have to fade away.


Because you, because you alone,

You were my world, you made me whole. 

If I could freeze, go back in time,

There's just one day I would erase from mine.


Well On this cold October day

With that one word, that you did say.

I dropped to my knees and hit the ground

My whole world around me, did fade away.


chorus 2

But no one really saw it coming, 

Nobody knew it was gonna end this way.

Wailing pipes singing out for glory, 

On this your judgement day.

Anger, sadness, dreams of falling,

Struck ya down with such a clout.

Drunken night out on the rampage,

Alcohol, it was the easy way out!


I’ll live my life out to the fullest,

But everything reminds me of you.

I’ll make you proud, but I am humbled.

With your lessons, I made it through.

Over time it's getting better.

Time will take away the pain.

You're in my heart. Your'e in my memory. 

Until that day we meet again!


Because of you, because you alone!

It took your will, your life, and soul.

We sing this song for you today,

So your memory will never fade.