Plastic Paddy

Well I came to this country in '94.

A world of opportunity, they opened the door. 

But then one day stood a man in green.

"I got something to say, better listen to me!

Get out of my Ireland, get off of my land.

Affront to my people, you don't follow the man.

Political divide, all the years that were lost.

If you don't stand with me and the Irish cause!" 



Hey! Why don't you shut your mouth?

Hey! Now the truth is out!

Line 'em up, two, three, for the iron sights.

You're livin' in the past, son, now get with the times!


We're on the same side here, but you can't tell.

Your ignorance fuels the funeral bells.

You're blaming the people for the government deeds.

And a unified Ireland comes second to thee.

Well, all of the families, left without sons,

now they can tell you that nobody won.

So keep on yelling, you want us all out,

and shout about things you know fuck-all about.




You think you know better, 'bout the struggle of man,

naively assume it only came to one land.

But War's got no winner, and Killing no right,

and self-righteousness is no use in a fight.

Forget your agenda, your childish ways,

'cuz burning your bridges won't build you a name.

Enough of your guns and your hollow pride.

We'll make our own way to the top of the tide.