Quitters Never Win

Johnny was and angry lad, always looking for a fight.

He never paid attention from what was wrong and what was right.

Got kicked around. Got beaten down. He took it with a grin.

Would stand his ground for one more round, 'cause quitters never win!

Well you know it's never easy, when it's getting tough

to get back off the ground again when you think you've had enough.

But we can stand together, yeah we can do it right.

So get back in the bar again and start another fight!



So it's one more round of lager. It's one more round of stout.

It's no more rounds for Johnny, 'cause the bastard's thrown him out.

One more round of whiskey. One more round of Gin.

It's one more round for everyone, 'cause quitters never win!


So he heads down to the corner pub, not knowing what's in store.

And just his luck the Tracy boys come waltzing through the door.

It took one look to set him off, he calmly downed his pint,

then launched across the bar at them with all his bloody might!




And the punches they flew - and the bar stools.

It was every man for himself.

Was a right and a left, and a punch in the head,

with those Tracy boys he mopped the floor!


They grabbed him by the collar and threw him in the street,

but just like a cat, he landed on his feet. 

The side door was cracked open so Johnny snuck back in.

They sat him down for one more round 'cause quitters never win!