The Battle of Sterling Bridge

By the river forth they waited, Upon that Abbey Hill.

The battle for their freedom, independence was their will.

De Warrene was the leader of the English force. 

With Cressingham by his side, and a troop of English horse. 


Lead by Moray and Wallace, the north, they all looked on.

This day would win their freedom, for mothers, fathers, and sons. 



The English came a marching side by side. 

Crossing o'er that bridge, without a place to hide.

Hear the sounds of drowning men, their shouts, their prayers, and cries. 

As we force them to retreat..........I watched the last man die!


Refusal to surrender, we will stand and fight.

They crossed that Stirling Bridge, with all their bloody might. 

Warenne called them over, thinking we dare not try.

One more time again to parley and this was Williams cry!


You can tell your captain, that we will not make peace.

This day that we do battle, defend, liberate, no peace!




When half the men had crossed again, we sounded the attack.

And trapped them from the causeway with the river at their backs.

Through the clash of steel on steel, you could hear the bagpipes sound.

5,000 men were massacred and laying on the ground.


This is the price of freedom, this nation Edward will not reign.

Singing 'o' flower of Scotland. When will we see your like again.